With Automation-Elektro Kreutzpointner –AEK– GmbH (for short:  AEK), Kreutzpointner has been operating independently in Saxony and other German states as well as internationally since 1996

Full-service provider for a wide range of services

AEK (Automation-Elektro Kreutzpointner –AEK– GmbH) covers a wide range of electrical engineering services from its headquarters in Freiberg/Saxony with around 150 specialists: Building technology, industrial technology, information and communication technology, engineering technology/planning and switchgear engineering.

Building services engineering

AEK-Gebäudetechnik undertakes the 3D planning of buildings and the performance of all electrical engineering services, such as electrical installations, power distribution, security, information and communication systems as well as lighting technology, both as a complete package and in individual lots.

Engineering and planning

The Engineering Technology and Planning division makes it possible to offer technically in-depth customised solutions.  The spectrum of services that customers in the areas of building services, industry and plant and mechanical engineering benefit ranges from draft planning and the design of electrical systems and their CAD construction to the programming and commissioning of systems and machines.

Industrial Technology

In the area of industrial technology, AEK GmbH provides full electrical engineering services for projects and ongoing services at industrial sites in a wide range of sectors.  Geared towards the highest industrial quality and safety standards, AEK offers the full range of EI&C and electrical engineering services for industrial customers, in addition to highly trained personnel and fast response times.

Switchgear engineering

AEK switchgear engineering, headquartered in Freiberg, Germany, is a one-stop supplier of distribution boards and switchgear. Ranging from high-quality installation distribution boards and automation cabinets to large MCCs and main distribution boards, AEK Schaltanlagenbau and its copper processing operation serves a wide range of German and international customers.

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