Industrial electrical engineering / industrial engineering

Industrial electrical engineering is a key technology in the process and manufacturing industry. Modern production operations are only conceivable in conjunction with modern electrical engineering. EI&C and automation technology form the pillars of industrial electrical engineering here. In the area of industrial electrical engineering Kreutzpointner possesses a broad spectrum of highly specialised knowledge required for this purpose identifies the best and customised solutions for your complex technical challenges and implements them reliably.

Against the background of 'Industry 4.0' and ever shorter innovation cycles the fusion of IT and automation in industrial electrical engineering is increasingly coming into focus. Kreutzpointner satisfies the ever-increasing requirements for technical and normative expertise for exactly this purpose. Industrial electrical engineering from Kreutzpointner allows you to boost efficiency and achieve safety, quality, flexibility, performance, environmental protection and last but not least high plant availability.


Engineering Services 


  • Consulting and conceptual design
  • Procurement management
  • Automation concepts and system design
  • Tender documents
  • Pre-basic/basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering/instrumentation
  • CAE systems such as EPLAN, COMOS, Promis and ELCAD
  • Control and visualisation technology
  • Project planning and the programming of special solutions
  • Drive technology and axle systems
  • Migration of control and process control systems
  • Process control systems
  • System integration
  • Control systems from Siemens (Simatic S7, Simatic S5), Beckhoff, HIMA (HIMax, HIQUAD X) and others
  • Engineering tools such as Simatic Manager, TIA Portal, ELOP 1 2, SILworx, TwinCAT
  • Evaluation and analysis tools
  • Gateways
  • Functional safety management (SIL)
  • Machine safety (PL)
  • Explosion protection – ATEX
  • Federal Water Act – WHG
  • Service and system support
  • Bespoke system solutions according to customer requirements

Industrial EI&C installations as well as electrical infrastructure and cabling technology

  • Construction site management
  • Installations planning/all-in-one solutions
  • Material logistics/material management/procurement concepts
  • EDP cable management/laying/cabling/network technology/data technology/fibre-optic technology
  • Wet room cables
  • Industrial cable route construction/shaft system solutions
  • Cable laying/cable stripping
  • Cable route renewals
  • Network and field bus technology
  • Cable routes
  • Power and control wiring
  • Redundant cabling/security concepts
  • Piping technology/compressed air lines, process air, e.g. with Ermeto or Swagelok
  • Dismantling and the certified disposal of old electrical equipment
  • Profibus and network structures
  • Analysis piping and transmitter protection boxes
  • Fittings and process piping
  • Electric motors
  • Pressure control systems
  • Commissioning (function test, factory acceptance test – FAT, site acceptance test – SAT)

Industrial lightning protection / earthing / environmental protection / system protection

  • Electrical trace heating
  • Over voltage protection
  • Operational grounding
  • External lightning protection/internal lightning protection
  • Lightning protection system maintenance
  • Foundation ground electrode
  • Surface ground electrode
  • Deep ground ring earthing
  • Earthing systems
  • Protective earthing
  • Functional earthing

Industrial electrical explosion protection

  • EX protection concepts/Ex zone treatment
  • EX protection systems
  • EX approvals
  • EX equipment checks
  • EX TÜV defect elimination/troubleshooting
  • Electrical equipment in EX zones
  • Metering point management and logistics

Gas detection systems / fire detection systems

  • Gas detection systems and integration
  • Gas warning checks
  • Gas sensors
  • Gas detection system maintenance
  • Sensor calibration
  • New sensor installations
  • Installations in areas at risk of fire
  • Industrial fire alarm systems including maintenance (connection to plant fire service etc.)
  • System solutions for works fire services
  • CO and H2S warning systems
  • Gas chromatography and installation and system maintenance
  • Smoke and gas detection systems in industrial environments
  • Smoke and gas detection systems for mobile offices such as construction or crew containers

Industrial lighting technology

  • Emergency and safety lighting/escape route lighting
  • Workplace lighting
  • Lighting in special work environments such as EX areas or clean rooms
  • Lighting in special work environments such as acid and lye rooms
  • Industrial plant lighting
  • Office lighting/prefab modular office lighting
  • Energy saving lights
  • Replacement of old lamps/conversion to inexpensive LED technology
  • Object protection lighting
  • Column lighting/industrial steel construction lighting/step and ladder lighting
  • Erecting poles and installing lights
  • Maintenance/repair of industrial lighting equipment
  • Completion of all civil engineering, surface and foundation work

Special industrial systems and solutions

  • ISO certifications/SCC
  • Thermography
  • Loop check/matrix check
  • Decommissioning and turnaround/shut-down management
  • Federal Water Act (WHG) – legal requirements
  • Weights and measures office approval and calibration devices
  • SIL (FSM) exi/Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)
  • DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) V3 inspections
  • Testing of stationary or mobile lifting units, welding equipment
  • Testing of industrial elevators



  • Special measurements/special measuring devices
  • Analysis techniques/analysis piping, precision pipes, impulse lines
  • Device calibrations
  • Weighing technology/loading systems
  • Initial and repeat tests/preparation of test reports
  • Testing of safety-relevant measuring points including documentation
  • Acceptance tests including support from the TÜV
  • I&C facility maintenance of chemical and petrochemical installations, also with on-call service



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