Plastics Industry

Repair in case of breakdowns or construction of new plants

Requirements of the plastic industry

In the plastics industry, fast and safe repairs in the event of malfunctions and the rapid construction of new systems are particularly important. Our strength lies precisely in the punctual and reliable completion of large-scale projects and projects under deadline pressure while adhering to the highest quality standards. We make this possible with our highly trained and safety-conscious personnel.


Low production costs and the high availability of production facilities are crucial for the plastics industry. Plastics production processes need to be designed to be as fast and energy-efficient as possible. The efficient and reliable design of the EI&C systems for automating production is therefore particularly important here. This design includes a practical cabling system and the connection and calibration of a wide variety of sensors, motors and measuring and control equipment. The installation of bus systems for system control and monitoring is also important. We can offer innovative and reliable solutions for all of the above, thanks to the experience and expertise of our construction and project managers, as well as our highly trained technicians.

Examples of projects in the industry

For many decades, Kreutzpointner has been operating in various countries.

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