Petrochemical Industry

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Requirements of the petrochemicals industry

In refineries, unplanned system downtimes are not allowed to occur and, in the case of planned maintenance or conversion measures, the system downtime must be kept as short as possible. In addition, the most stringent safety regulations need to be observed. Our long-term experience in refineries has given us the experience we need in the event of a shut-down, to get the refinery back up and running again as quickly as possible, to the highest quality standards. We stand for frictionless and timely completion, even on a plant that is still in operation. We cover a wide range of specific work over the entire life cycle of an industrial plant.


The demands placed on the EI&C systems in refineries are primarily concern handling contamination and extreme temperatures and explosion hazards. In order to ensure the safe functioning of the measurement, control and regulation systems under the difficult environmental conditions prevailing in refineries, the safe and qualified installation, commissioning and maintenance of the systems is indispensable.

We take over the organisation of practical cabling systems, the connection of control valves, transmitters, sensors and motors and also the installation of bus structures under refinery conditions. We can also draw on the experience and expertise of our construction and project managers and technicians to perform the professional calibration, adjustment and standard-compliant testing of the systems.

Examples of projects in the industry

For many decades, Kreutzpointner has been operating in various countries.

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