From car manufacturing plants to car dealerships

Requirements of the automotive industry

From car manufacturing plants to car dealerships, in the automotive industry it is particularly important to contract seasoned and qualified companies with the installation and operation of building electronics and IT.  Through an innovative approach, coupled with a concentrated power of experience in the frictionless handling of projects, we guarantee a higher level of flexibility and productivity.


The automotive industry is constantly developing while at the same time presenting companies with new challenges. In 2020 alone, 15.8 million new passenger vehicles were registered in Europe and the market volume in Germany increased by around 5%. This represents a tremendous opportunity for car manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and investors.  Trends such as the further development of alternative and classic fuel drives, digitalisation, globalisation, and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important. Players need to promote innovative solutions and realign their IT to withstand pricing pressure, mobility, digital distribution and technological advancements. We support you with customised electrical engineering and automation concepts and their practical implementation in your key areas of expertise.

Examples of projects in the industry

For many decades, Kreutzpointner has been operating in various countries.

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