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Key Milestone

With Kreutzpointner Business Software GmbH (KBS for short) founded in 2020 Kreutzpointner has set an important milestone in the technical development of the entire Group. With its own business model Kreutzpointner Business Software GmbH focuses on the special requirements and digital needs of industrial customers. The operational launch took place in October 2020.

KBS offers corporate customers an expandable application platform with its proprietary software products and focuses on the implementation of industrial applications. The new Kreutzpointner software development company is based at our branch office in Munich and has another office in Burghausen – at our company headquarters on Burgkirchener Straße.

The ideas and technical basis for Kreutzpointner Business Software GmbH have been successfully developed over the last few years as part of the company-wide 'Research & Development' process. As a complement to the IT Systems business unit the new digital unit rounds off Kreutzpointner's large portfolio ideally.

KENEXOS® as central data and communication interface

Digitalise and optimise your workflows and system processes with KENEXOS® today! The flexible and individually expandable platforms offer a wide array of standardised features especially for construction management, real estate management and asset management and maintenance.



KENEXOS® Features & Functions

Construction Diary

The digital construction diary from KENEXOS® provides a central platform for documentation that, in contrast to analogue means and locally installed software, records all key project information, documents, processes and construction flaws in a centralised manner and stores them in a precisely traceable manner. Precise reports and legally compliant storage allow you to successfully digitalise your project!

Communication Interface

KENEXOS® is a team player – the central and cloud-based platform gives all team members, partner companies, subcontractors, trades and other contacts access to the same knowledge.  This means that consultations, queries and approvals can be carried out flexibly by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – at any time and any place.

Ticket-based job assignment

Whether on the construction site, in facility management or when it comes to facility maintenance – job assignments can be quickly and reliably routed to the right contact person thanks to KENEXOS®.  A clearly structured ticket system makes sure that your service team is always on the spot with the right skills and expertise!

Analysis and reports

For project controlling, the contracting party and even legal entities, one thing is not allowed to be absent – the detailed, correct and legally compliant enrichment of project information and all related documents.  KENEXOS® digitises your paperwork and guarantees a seamless collection of structured information that you can analyse and evaluate at any time at the touch of a button.




Construction Management

The entire construction management process thrives on the seamless recording and sharing of project information across the team. From the construction planning phase to the implementation phase to acceptance – KENEXOS® digitalises and centralises essential processes and makes information accessible at any time, no matter where you are. Forget about pen, paper and Excel! Our KENEXOS® construction software bundles planning, documentation, resource planning and reporting into one and is consequently an all-in-one tool for use on the construction site. These features are already available for you in the standard version:


  • Forward jobs and instructions digitally
  • Prepare and share acceptance and handover protocols
  • File and manage documents
  • Record and communicate construction flaws and process disruptions
  • Display and communicate remaining services
  • Record deadlines and dates clearly

Who benefits from our KENEXOS® construction management software?

  • Companies in the main and ancillary construction trades
  • General contractors
  • Planners
  • Property supervisors and builders
  • Construction and project managers
  • Subcontractors and fitters

Construction Diary

Keep all information where you can find it most easily. The digital construction diary from KENEXOS® allows you to record digital construction plans and maintain a system of flawless and efficient defect management.

The simple localisation and extensive editing options for construction flaws and jobs on the digital construction plan save an enormous amount of time and money on the project. Construction plan versions, approvals, invoices and other important documents are also stored in an audit-proof and legally compliant manner and can be accessed in seconds even years later – no matter where you are and no matter which device you use to navigate.

Our construction diary is a must-have for everyone responsible for construction, real estate and facilities management projects!

Who benefits from the KENEXOS® construction diary?

Construction Management

  • Companies in the main and ancillary construction trades
  • General contractors
  • Planners
  • Property supervisors and builders
  • Construction and project managers
  • Subcontractors and fitters

Property Management

  • Property managers
  • Operators and housing associations
  • Facility managers
  • Service teams

System management and maintenance

  • Maintenance companies
  • System operators
  • Maintenance managers
  • Operations engineers
  • Production managers
  • EI&C technicians
  • System planners


Technical building management

KENEXOS® allows you to effortlessly record and manage all data relating to your building, property or production facility, including all associated objects and equipment – digitally, centrally and in a clearly well-structured manner. Details of the manufacturer, type, serial number, location and much more can also be recorded as an option. The seamless recording and management of all building information provides for faster and more solution-oriented processes when it comes to maintenance and repair work.

Discover important functions for technical building management with KENEXOS®:

  • Inventory taking and creation of inventories of building and facility data
  • Document management
  • Defect and warranty management

Service Management

If outages or malfunctions occur during ongoing operations at companies or in buildings operations, immediate action is required. Instead of struggling to reach the right contact person by phone or email, the mobile service management software KENEXOS® ensures rapid availability and operational readiness. Incoming requests are recorded centrally by the service management module and assigned to the appropriate expert in the network.

Thanks to the extensive documentation possibilities offered by KENEXOS®, the service team also has all the knowledge it needs at its fingertips to solve the problem reliably and quickly.

Maintenance Management

Solving problems is part of the daily routine for maintenance management – but it is not only the actual solution to the problems that is important. Rapid operational readiness, technical insights into buildings and facilities as well as the simple preparation of test reports, expert opinions and other documentation.  KENEXOS® is the ideal point of contact for quick and effective job allocation as well as the set-up and management of all technical information required for comprehensive and integrated problem solving.

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