Historic buildings

Preserving history while using the latest technology


If you want to modernise historic buildings or listed complexes, you are not only confronted by special regulations, but also a number of challenges. The handling and completion of these projects requires a great deal of experience in dealing with the highly specialised requirements, coordination work and workplace safety. Thanks to our highly qualified specialist staff and technicians the stringent requirements of listed building construction can be met and improved through innovative technology.    


When planning and converting (revitalising) historical buildings it is very important to minimise interference with the building fabric and to protect the fixtures, fittings and building components in compliance with the regulations governing listed buildings. However the use of bus systems (KNX) in such buildings is future-oriented and can also be deployed flexibly later on. Using new technologies in historical buildings makes it possible to equip building control systems with visualisation (fault messages), facilitate climate monitoring to protect the substance of the listed building with central storage and reduce building intervention using bus technologies (KNX). Thanks to our know-how we also offer innovative security technology (security lighting, locking systems, access control) and innovative special solutions in fire alarm technology for the implementation of monument protection such as (SAS) smoke aspiration systems, radio systems and light path sensors for smoke detection.

Examples of projects in public facilities

For many decades, Kreutzpointner has been operating in various countries.

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