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Customized Electrical Engineering Solutions

Electrical engineering forms the foundation for numerous applications in businesses and industry. This wide-ranging spectrum spans various processes, from electricity generation to distribution and transmission, as well as measurement and control techniques, sensors, and comprehensive control systems. At Kreutzpointner, we offer customized electrical engineering solutions for businesses tailored to the specific requirements of the industry.

Our electrical engineering solutions include cost-effective and rapidly available options, realistic feasibility considerations, and professional implementation management. At Kreutzpointner, we focus on continuous development and innovation, especially regarding changing legal requirements in the field of Electrical Measurement, Control, and Regulation (EMSR). We ensure that our electrical engineering meets increased safety standards and regulations in the electrical sector. Moreover, we place great emphasis on environmental aspects and provide electrical planning and implementation for resource-efficient renovation and new construction projects.


Lighting technology

  • Emergency and safety lighting/escape route lighting
  • Private and industrial lighting technology
  • Street lighting/tunnel lighting
  • Workplace lighting
  • LED technology/accent lighting/design lighting/scene lighting
  • Lighting in special work environments such as EX areas or clean rooms
  • Lighting in special work environments such as acid and lye rooms
  • Industrial plant lighting
  • Hall lighting/production hall lighting
  • Sports facility lighting/floodlighting systems
  • Wind turbine lights
  • Office lighting
  • Energy saving lights
  • Replacement of old lamps/conversion to inexpensive LED technology
  • Smart lighting systems
  • Stage lighting technology
  • Smart home
  • Object protection lighting
  • Completion of all civil engineering, surface and foundation work
  • Erecting poles and installing lights

Electrical infrastructure and cabling technology

  • Intelligent cable management/wiring methods
  • Cable laying/cable pulling/cable routes
  • EDP cable management/laying/cabling/network technology/data technology/fibre-optic technology
  • Broadcasting and telecommunications lines
  • Wet room cables
  • Industrial cable making
  • Cable laying/cable stripping
  • Cable sleeves
  • Materials management (cable routes, laying systems, field devices, end devices, sensors, actuators)
  • Overhead lines and cable cars
  • Control systems/cabling systems
  • Redundant cabling/security concepts
  • Piping technology/compressed air lines, process air, e.g. with Ermeto or Swagelok
  • Radio systems and transmitters
  • Dismantling and the certified disposal of old electrical equipment
  • Profibus and network structures
  • Transmitter protection box set-up
  • Vehicle fleet incl. forklifts, lifting platforms, electrical climbing aids
  • Conventional and fibre-optic bus connections (fusion splice)
  • Installations in rooms used for medical purposes
  • Clean-room cabling, such as for wafer production
  • Working in grey clean acid rooms
  • Time-controlled system solutions

Industrial safety systems for explosion and fire hazards

  • EX protection concepts/Ex zone treatment
  • EX protection systems
  • Gas detection systems and integration
  • Gas warning checks
  • Gas sensors
  • Gas detection system maintenance
  • Sensor calibration
  • Installations in areas at risk of fire
  • Industrial fire alarm systems including maintenance (connection to plant fire service etc.)

Building protection

  • Lightning arrester earthing
  • Over voltage protection
  • Protective earthing
  • Functional earthing
  • Operational grounding
  • Foundation ground electrode
  • Surface ground electrode
  • Deep ground ring electrode
  • Earthing systems
  • Functional equipotential bonding/protective equipotential bonding
  • Local equipotential bonding for industrial buildings
  • External lightning protection
  • Internal lightning protection
  • Lightning protection for antennas and transmission masts
  • Lightning protection system maintenance
  • Lightning protection systems for the home
  • Lightning protection concepts/lightning protection consulting
  • Electronic surveillance systems
  • Access control systems/security systems/barrier systems
  • Fire barriers/fire alarm systems incl. maintenance according to VdS
  • Smoke and gas detection systems
  • Intrinsic safety (Ex(i))
  • Camera systems/surveillance technology
  • RFID chips or bar code technology
  • Encapsulation techniques (oil encapsulation, sand encapsulation, potting encapsulation)

Process-oriented electrical engineering / special systems

  • Thermography
  • Loop check/matrix check
  • Decommissioning and turnaround/shut-down management
  • Federal Water Act (WHG) – legal requirements
  • Weights and measures office approval and calibration devices
  • SIL (FSM) exi Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)
  • CAE systems with planning services
  • Programs such as COMOS/Promis/Eplan
  • DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) V3 inspections
  • Inspection of stationary or mobile lifting systems, elevators, welding equipment
  • Smart home with concept development and "all-in-one" solutions
  • Process control systems/system integration
  • TÜV acceptance tests/(TÜV) defect elimination/troubleshooting
  • Special measurements/special measuring devices
  • Analysis techniques/analysis piping, precision pipes, impulse lines
  • Control systems from Siemens (Simatic S7, Simatic S5), Beckhoff, HIMA (HIMax, HIQUAD X) and others)
  • Device calibrations
  • Weighing technology/loading systems
  • Migration of control and process control systems
  • Initial and repeat tests/preparation of test reports
  • I&C maintenance of chemical and petrochemical installations, also with on-call service
  • CO and H2S warning systems
  • Gas chromatography

Low-voltage switchgear and installation / corrosion protection

  • Low-voltage switchgear maintenance and conversion
  • Low voltage connections/enclosures
  • Feeds
  • Cathodic protection against corrosion


With electrical engineering from Kreutzpointner, you receive comprehensive added value, distinguished by diverse electrical engineering skills for industry, commerce, and municipalities. Our strengths lie in minimizing interfaces by handling the entire service portfolio. You benefit from our long-standing expertise and a certified, comprehensive know-how in the broad spectrum of electrical engineering.

Our professional competence extends across all project phases, and we are characterized by particularly fast project turnaround times. At Kreutzpointner, you can expect a clear and efficient execution and communication structure, which not only ensures cost efficiency and transparency but also relies on a large partner network.

A high quality standard is a matter of course for us, and our electrical engineering expertise even extends to special application areas such as gas sensing or critical EX-zone areas. Our highly trained professionals, especially in the field of HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality), enable the safe and high-quality implementation of your projects. We always adhere to VDE standards to meet the highest safety and quality requirements. With electrical engineering from Kreutzpointner, you choose reliable partners who competently and efficiently overcome your electrical engineering challenges.


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