Food Industry


For safe and highly automated manufacturing processes

Requirements of the food industry

Food production is distinguished by safe and highly automated manufacturing processes. Therefore, in industrial food production, the most important factors include consistent product quality, compliance with hygiene regulations, high system availability and efficiency. A frictionless production process can only be achieved with high-quality electrical and automation technology.


The food industry is one of the most important branches of industry. Food has to meet high quality standards, be economical, fast and available in large quantities. Rapidly changing market requirements, such as the increasing demand for vegetarian products, also require entire production lines to be adapted quickly.

Production processes can be optimised through the right combination of process sequences, the right selection of measurement and control components, correct installation and monitoring that can be remotely controlled. We remain at your disposal for all matters relating to electrical engineering.

Examples of projects in the industry

For many decades, Kreutzpointner has been operating in various countries.

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