Energy technology

Energy technology for securing the supply of energy plays a decisive role in the medical and private sectors but also in industry in particular. It forms the basis for many industries and is an important building block in the production of industrial and commercial goods. It is the bedrock and the driving force of our society. The focus of the energy technology from Kreutzpointner is placed on technologies for the safe, environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient and effective generation of energy and, ultimately, on the storage and distribution of energy.

Energy technology from Kreutzpointner allows you to safeguard security of supply especially for critical infrastructures and to rely on cost-effective and low-maintenance system solutions. Energy technology from Kreutzpointner facilitates environmentally compatible solutions in the areas of energy generation, storage and distribution and creates value chains for energy. We understand the interrelationships in the area of energy supply technology and translate your assignments into solutions.


Battery systems

  • Energy storage systems
  • Battery storage systems
  • Conceptual energy storage techniques


Electric heat

  • Begleitheizungen inkl. Überprüfungen
  • Elektrische Heizungen im Industriebereich
  • Begleitheizungen für Rohre und Wasserleitungen
  • Tracepact

Site power supply / emergency power supply / safety lighting

  • Site power distributor
  • Construction site wiring
  • Auxiliary and emergency lighting
  • UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Emergency generators/emergency power systems
  • Compact stations
  • EPS – emergency power system/emergency generator

Medium voltage system technology / network technology

  • Switching authorisation up to 30kV
  • Feeds into the grid
  • Energy distribution systems/sub-distribution systems
  • Switchgear engineering up to 690V
  • Mains and system protection, mains filter
  • Frequency converter systems
  • Power rails
  • Transformer connection (primary and secondary)
  • Revision work on medium-voltage systems
  • Insertion tests (MCC)
  • Renewal/construction of control room floors, raised floors
  • Frequency converter technology
  • Planning of medium voltage systems
  • Medium voltage terminations
  • Maintenance and renewal of medium voltage systems
  • Maintenance services/maintenance readiness – 24/7/365
  • Air-insulated installations
  • Consumer infrastructure
  • Power electronics

Power management

  • Troubleshooting the power supply
  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Renovation/construction of control room floors, double floors
  • Servicing and maintenance of existing or new energy systems and their distribution systems
  • Load management to cushion expensive power peaks
  • Switching permissions
  • Over voltage protection
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Actuators/motor controls/direction of rotation controls
  • Motor distribution compensation system
  • Grid and installation protection
  • Measurement and network analysis
  • Dimensioning of the mains connection



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