Renewable energies

Reusing ecologically and economically generated energy in a way that adds value when it is needed by the consumer is one of the main challenges of all renewable energy plants. Storage solutions such as battery storage media and battery power plants or the conversion of electric power into hydrogen are just a few of the many possible solutions available.

Kreutzpointner's range of renewable energies therefore includes a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions for your needs: Starting with consulting and engineering and the design and dimensioning of photovoltaic systems. Followed by the installation, commissioning and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. And also charging stations for electric vehicles, solar parks, agricultural land use for solar parks, hydrogen technologies and geothermal processes. Furthermore energy storage systems.


Energy storage systems / energy storage

  • Battery plant systems/battery storage power stations
  • LiPo, LiFepo4 accumulators
  • UPS supplies
  • Battery backup systems
  • Capacitors
  • Superconducting coils
  • Concept creation for storage methods and feasibility

Photovoltaic technology / agricultural PV system technology

  • PV system connections
  • Photovoltaic park installation/removal
  • Photovoltaic conversions and renewals
  • Photovoltaic park design and dimensioning
  • Floating solar concepts
  • Agricultural land use/fallow land use using photovoltaic technology
  • Increasing availabilities
  • Connection to battery storage technologies
  • Support in using of state subsidies

Re-powering (power station renewals)

  • Old station parts, partial or complete renewals
  • Legacy system tuning
  • Efficiency increases for old power station components
  • Wind turbine optimisations
  • Measures to increase efficiency
  • Measures to reduce costs
  • Advice on the right time for a re-powering measure
  • Error analyses on initial start up (redesign of pioneer systems/more efficient integration)
  • Outlay considerations
  • Cost analysis and concept development
  • Reconstruction/recommissioning after outages or damaged station parts
  • Power grid compatibility tests

Monitoring / system surveillance and certification

  • Management of authorities
  • Declarations of conformity
  • Monitoring of station parts, PV parks and system processes
  • Process analysis and analytics
  • Process monitoring with systematic recording of measurements
  • Integration of measuring points and technical aids
  • Electronic observation systems
  • Access control systems/security systems/barrier systems

Troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Emergency management/on-call services/emergency maintenance service
  • Digital and on-site troubleshooting
  • Servicing and maintenance of systems and processes
  • Servicing and maintenance of existing or new systems and their distribution systems
  • Servicing and maintenance of PV parks
  • Servicing and maintenance of transformers and transformer stations

Medium voltage systems / transformer stations

  • Distribution systems with planning and assembly
  • Integration into the high-voltage distribution network
  • Integrations for the end user
  • Repair and maintenance of transformer stations and their electrical components
  • Feed-in technologies for decentralised regenerative energy
  • Inverter technology/DC voltage intermediate circuits
  • Electronic medium voltage regulators
  • Encapsulated switchgear
  • Line transformers
  • Ground fault compensation
  • Ripple control signals


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