Plant and mechanical engineering

From planning to new construction or conversion to maintenance

Requirements of the machine and plant industry

When it comes to planning, new construction/conversion or maintenance of high-precision machines and production plants, fast and on-time operational capability and reliable availability are crucial.  The high number of well-trained and experienced engineers, technicians and experts we have on board allow us to offer you a complete solution for all your requirements!


Digitalisation is becoming increasingly important in a number of industries and is emerging both in the end-customer sector as well as at business customer level. Companies need to into tap this potential in order to become faster and more efficient. Mechanical and plant engineering in particular can benefit from Industry 4.0 and the networking of machines associated with it in order to gain a competitive advantage. The use of digital platforms to connect machines delivers new types of functions and services through the remote connection of machines. This includes concepts for providing up-to-date information for status-based maintenance or fault diagnostics that can detect and prevent operational malfunctions in advance. These monitoring and predictive maintenance services also reduce ongoing maintenance costs. We at Kreutzpointner support you with our entire know-how in order to transform challenges into opportunities.  We support you with our entire know-how in order to transform challenges into opportunities.

Examples of projects in the industry

For many decades, Kreutzpointner has been operating in various countries.

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