Full range of Kreutzpointner electrical and EI&C services employed for chemical plant in Nünchritz

The Kreutzpointner Group along with its affiliate AEK GmbH in Freiburg/Saxony is one of the leading companies in the field of electrical and EI&C services for constructing and maintaining industrial plants, including projects in the Bavarian chemical triangle and for AEK GmbH at the Wacker Chemie GmbH production site at the Nünchritz plant situated approx. 45 m north west of Dresden.

Project description

Our industrial customers rely on us for the full spectrum of electrical and EI&C services to run entire production sites with long-standing EI&C framework agreements like the Wacker Nünchritz plant in Saxony supported on-site by AEK GmbH since 2000. At this site around 1,400 Wacker employees produce silane, silicon, pyrogenic silica and polycrystalline silicon for solar installations.

Tailored solutions from our Industrial Engineering team
The Industrial Engineering division of Elektro Kreutzpointner and AEK GmbH Freiberg provided tailor-made solutions in this situation: From planning and implementing special EI&C industrial maintenance work governed by long-term framework agreements, we develop the optimal concept in partnership with our customers.

Main responsibilities of AEK GmbH at the Nünchritz plant:
Maintenance, servicing, inspection, calibration, expansions, tests, project business and individual plant orders.

At the AEK site in the Nünchritz plant, a team of 25 experienced industry experts take care of the entire scope of EI&C, from small orders to large-scale projects, in which AEK GmbH takes on the role of junior partner and Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH as the lead. AEK also offers an in-house training program for the next generation of industry experts at its site in the Nünchritz plant.

Our scope of services: