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Digitalising and optimising workflows and system processes with appropriate software means securing an indispensable competitive edge. Flexible and individually expandable platforms need to incorporate a wide array of standardised features especially for construction management, real estate management and asset management and maintenance.

Regardless of whether these concern comprehensive documentation options, seamless and cross-media communication or precise data evaluation – with Kreutzpointner software solutions allow you to digitalise, automate and optimise important core processes in your company. Kreutzpointner Business Software GmbH (KBS) focuses on software development tailored to the needs of industrial customers. Both the standard software modules in the KBS portfolio and customer-specific add-ons and implementations are based on the central development and application platform KENEXOS®.


Digital construction site documentation and communication

  • Digital construction site management (construction site planning, coordination of workers and trades, recording of construction flaws, daily reports and evaluations)
  • Digital construction diary (digitalisation of previously manual processes and elimination of time-consuming mounds of paper)

Real estate management/CAFM as a digitalisation platform for industry and construction

  • Technical facilities management (hierarchical recording of buildings or production facilities with all objects and equipment contained)
  • Maintenance management (consistent recording and tracking of legally required inspection and maintenance measures and integrated, complete documentation reduce operator risks according to plan).
  • Service management (event, incident and message management)

Commissioning and maintenance of industrial installations and buildings: Digitalisation platform for industry

  • Digital collaboration in the planning and construction of industrial installations
  • Event, incident and reporting management
  • Data capture via IoT and system connectivity for evaluations and prescriptive maintenance

Management of machines and systems with data connection: Digitalisation platform for industry

  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations)
  • Data capture via IoT and system connectivity for evaluations and prescriptive maintenance


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