Electrical building equipment

Electrical infrastructure and building equipment is our strength. We will provide you with first-hand personal advice, planning and calculations.

The variety of materials and devices to be employed often means that users find themselves at the mercy of a confusing jungle of information on products and features. We will offer you solutions so that you can make the right choice, independent of the manufacturer and completely focussed on the application. Just switch it on.

Service portfolio

  • Preliminary evaluation
  • Design development
  • Detailed design
  • Installation planning
  • Production and assembly monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Cost estimation and calculation
  • Economic efficiency calculation
  • Network measurements and analysis
  • Energy management
  • Surveys

Technology portfolio

  • Power supplies (medium voltage, transformer stations, emergency power systems, emergency lighting supply)
  • High voltage systems (selectivity and short-circuit calculations and cable networks up to 20 kV)
  • Reactive power technology (modular and compact systems)
  • Busbars, power distributors and switchgear
  • Electrical installation
  • Safety engineering (fire alarm systems, heat and smoke vents, entry control systems, intruder detection systems, communications and video systems and much more)
  • Data technology (IT, broadband cable networks)
  • Lighting technology (interior and exterior lighting, safety lighting)
  • Lightning protection systems (foundation earth electrodes, internal and external lightning protection, device protection)
  • Shade systems (sun protection and blind controls)
  • Building automation (KNX, DALI)
  • CAD/CAE/BIM systems for electrical engineering