“The modernisation and expansion of our company headquarters reflects the success of our whole Group. And it’s also a commitment to the Burghausen site: these are our roots, and from here we want to develop further.” – Fritz Kreutzpointner

Our new company headquarters in Burghausen

A milestone on the way to the company’s centenary

The completion of the expansion and modernisation of the headquarters in Burghausen from 2015 to 2017 marked an important milestone in the Kreutzpointner Group’s corporate history. The buildings at Burgkirchener Strasse 3, for example, now have a completely new look and functionality, and open fascinating new possibilities for the Group’s further expansion on the way to its centenary in 2023.

The investment in the 10,000 m² premises at Burgkirchener Strasse 3 in Burghausen, totalling around €6 million, consisted of three construction phases: In the first stage, a modular two-storey office building with 1,000 m² of floor space and a open central parking garage was constructed from November 2015 to October 2016, with the option of increasing it to three storeys in the future. The existing building from 1986 was comprehensively modernised in two further construction stages: first the “low building”, from September to December 2016, followed by the “head building”, beginning in January 2017. The modernisation of the head building was completed in October 2017.

In April 2018, the new Kreutzpointner Group headquarters was presented to the public, and officially put into operation: over the course of a customer event, a staff party and an open day, a total of 2,000 employees, customers and friends of Kreutzpointner enjoyed the new company headquarters in Burghausen.

Draufsicht der neuen Firmenzentrale der Kreutzpointner Unternehmensgruppe
Mitarbeiterfest zur Eröffnung der neuen Firmenzentrale
Tag der offenen Tür am 28. April 2018: Rund 1.200 Besucher kamen, um die neue Burghauser Firmenzentrale und das breitgefächerte Leistungsspektrum der Kreutzpointner Unternehmensgruppe kennenzulernen.

Our new company headquarters, and what's behind it

We have made a short film (in german language) about the “People and Technology” involved in new company headquarters in Burghausen: the people who initiated, planned and built the newly-constructed Kreutzpointner company headquarters, and the technology behind it. And of course, everything at the company headquarters revolves around Kreutzpointner’s employees, for whom this €6 million investment was made.

“Commitment to the region and reflection of the company’s success”: Inauguration of the new company headquarters

On 26 April 2018, we marked the official opening of our new company headquarters in Burghausen by hosting a large event attended by customers, partners and leading figures in the region of Southeast Bavaria. Watch the report by RFO (Regional Fernsehen Oberbayern – Upper Bavaria Regional Television) here (in german language).