People and Technology
Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH

Founded in 1923, the family business developed over three generations from a micro-enterprise to one of the largest Bavarian electrical companies. The Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH with its traditional headquarters Burghausen is the largest company of the Kreutzpointner group of companies with its approximately 600 employees core workforce.

Traditionally, we are specialised in the chemical industry. However, today we work in the Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH more and more for companies in the pharmaceutical sector, the energy sector, for the paper, the food, and the renewable primary products industry, as well as for companies of the power plant and storage technology sector.

As the parent company of the Kreutzpointner group with subsidiaries in Munich and locations in Bavaria, we primarily support with around 700 employees customers from the South of Germany, who we accompany nationally and internationally.

Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH
Burgkirchener Str. 3
84489 Burghausen
Tel.: +49 8677 8703-0
Fax: +49 8677 8703-7300