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In 2004 the Automation Elektro Kreutzpointner AER-Srl. was founded in Brasov / Romania as an independent sister company of the Kreutzpointner Group. As a complete supplier for electrical engineering, switchgear engineering, automation and IT with the competences planning, execution and maintenance, the range of services of AER-Srl. finds application in commercial, municipal and private buildings, in industry as well as in plant and mechanical engineering. When realizing major projects, AER-Srl. permanently relying on engineering resources and other competencies of the Kreutzpointner company sisters.

For customers in Romania, AER-Srl. guarantees market-friendly installation prices in conjunction with German know-how and German quality. As a result, AER-Srl. can win numerous German, Austrian and Swiss customers of all sectors who invest in existing or new locations and business areas in Romania. AER-Srl. connects with the customer base. usually a long-term cooperation.

Another main leg of AER-Srl. is the handling of electrical engineering projects all over Europe, where the company is mostly active as a partner of its business sisters in the Kreutzpointner group.

Case studies

Case studies in Romania

AER Srl. is currently active in Romania, mainly on behalf of well-known customers from Austria and Germany. The focus of our activities is on electrical and EI&C installation projects in a variety of sectors, but also in the electrical planning and installation of industrial or municipal facilities such as large sewage treatment plants.

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AER case studies in Germany and Austria

AER Srl. also regularly works for numerous customers outside of Romania, mainly in Germany and Austria, but also in other parts of Europe. These projects give AER an opportunity to apply its complete range of services, often in cooperation with sister companies in the Kreutzpointner Group.

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Ulrich Marschner
Managing director AER-Srl.