From a one-man electrical installation and retail operation in Burghausen’s old town to today’s high-tech electrical engineering Group, with around 1,200 employees in three countries, Kreutzpointner’s success story spans nearly a century.


1923 – Company founding

1930 – Dissolution of monopoly on electrical installation in Burghausen

1940 – Hoechst AG on-site service centre

1956 – Wacker-Chemie on-site service centre

1966 – Company passes to second generation

1967 – Petro-Chemie/Marathon/OMV on-site service centre

1972 – SKW-Trostberg on-site service centre

1986 – Switchgear Construction division established

1986 – New headquarters building in Burghausen

1988 – Munich Airport Terminal 1 on-site service centre

1990 – First major orders in Munich area

1994 – Munich Airport branch office established in Schwaig

1996 – Automation Elektro Kreutzpointner AEK-GmbH established in Freiberg, Saxony

1997 – EI&C Planning division established

2001 – Munich branch office established/new construction in Riem Convention City

2002 – Company passes to third generation

2004 – Automation Elektro Kreutzpointner AER-S.R.L. established in Brașov, Romania

2006 – Elektro Kreutzpointner Austria GmbH established in Austria

2008 – Switchgear construction relocates to new production hall

2011 – Inauguration of new AEK GmbH production and office building in Freiberg

2011 – Elektro Kreutzpointner Austria GmbH moves into new headquarters in Linz, Upper Austria

2015 – Kreutzpointner energy GmbH established for major projects in renewable energy

2017 – Completion of €6 million investment to modernize and expand Burghausen headquarters

2020 - Kreutzpointner Business Software GmbH established for digitization and IT software especially for industrial customers

1951: Electrical and retail shop in Marktler Strasse, Burghausen
1986: Construction of the new company headquarters at Burgkirchener Strasse 3, Burghausen
1990: During construction of Munich Airport, Erding
1996: Automation Elektro Kreutzpointner AEK-GmbH
2006: Elektro Kreutzpointner Austria GmbH
2015: Kreutzpointner energy GmbH
Ground-breaking ceremony for new company headquarters in Burghausen, 10 November 2015
Spring 2018: New company headquarters in Burghausen
The Kreutzpointner family (90th anniversary of the company, 2013) Fritz III, Gaby, Peter, Margarete and Fritz Kreutzpointner II – the foundation of a success story
Fritz Kreutzpointner I.
(1897 – 1969)
Pioneer and founder of the Kreutzpointner success story
Company director from 1923 to 1966
Fritz Kreutzpointner II.
(1930 – 2017)
Patriarch and creator of the Kreutzpointner Group
Company director from 1966 to 2002
Fritz Kreutzpointner III.
(born 1966)
Visionary and driving force behind the family-run high-tech electrical group
Company director since 2002