RAG natural gas storage facilities in Zagling and Nussdorf (Austria)

Project description

Natural gas storage has become increasingly important in recent years. This type of energy storage is one of the central elements of Austrian and European energy security policy.

Rohöl-Aufindungsgellschaft (RAG) is setting up and operating storage facilities for major natural gas suppliers, who take advantage of the reliable operation of these facilities to safeguard their natural gas supply. The project includes the latest technological developments and combines the efficiency and effectiveness of the storage system with the highest safety requirements.

Scope of our services

General electrical engineering

  • Installation of 20 kV medium voltage switchgear and LVMD
  • Cable support systems
  • All field electrical installations in explosion-proof design
  • On-site installation of switchgear and frequency converters up to 6 kV
  • Lighting including outdoor and street lighting
  • Electrical installation of control and equipment rooms
  • High-pressure turbo compressor installation
  • Fire stopping                  

Instrumentation and control technology/process control system

  • Complete field assembly of all instrumentation and control devices, Ex and Ex-i rated
  • EI&C installation for silica drying plants
  • Pulse line piping
  • High pressure piping (up to 520 bar) including orbital welding
  • Loop checking/commissioning/pressure testing

Safety engineering

  • Installation of all warning, alarm and monitoring systems
  • Access control system


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RAG natural gas storage Zagling and Nussdorf.
Kreutzpointner at the RAG natural gas storage Zagling and Nussdorf.
Kreutzpointner employee at RAG natural gas storage Zagling and Nussdorf.