EI&C installation for new Rudolf Chemie GmbH production facility in Geretsried

Project description

Our Industrial Engineering division has won another prestigious customer in the chemical industry – Rudolf GmbH. The family-owned Group, founded in 1922, is headquartered in Geretsried (near Munich), but operates worldwide with more than 20 overseas subsidiaries and approximately 30 agencies. Rudolf's main area of activity is the development of textile additives and speciality chemicals. The company commissioned the Kreutzpointner Industrial Engineering division with the EI&C installation for a new plant at their Geretsried site. This contract was completed to the total satisfaction of the customer in just five months.

Scope of our services

Supply and installation of complete EI&C system

  • Extension of all cable support systems in VA steel
  • Lighting incl. DALI bus system
  • Raised floor
  • I&C distributor
  • Small distribution boards
  • IBN loop checking
  • Construction power and lighting
  • Electrical trace heating
  • PU suppliers
  • Explosion-proof systems



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EI&C installation for a new plant at their Geretsried site.
Project manager Günther Herkenroth (on the right in the small picture) from Kreutzpointner-Industrietechnik and Thomas Riel from the engineering project partner InfraServ Gendorf.