Modernising catalyst production

Project description

Süd Chemie AG (now Clariant), the globally active and innovative speciality chemicals company, comprehensively modernised one of its most important catalyst production facilities.

The high degree of automation not only increased the production capacity from three batches to eight, but also achieved higher reproducibility in product quality.

The plant includes one unloading station for trucks, and one for railway tank cars. There are six storage tanks for raw materials, from which they are supplied to the production plants downstream via the pump room. The management of transport routes and tank usage is now fully automated. The manufacturing process is batch-specific and extends over several sub-systems with continuous and discontinuous processes.

An auxiliary control room has been set up in addition to the central control room to keep distances short in the expanded plant and provide the operator with a quick and convenient overview of the facility.


Project data:

1 railway car unloading station, 1 set of storage tanks

for liquid and solid materials, 2 preparation and mixing tanks

4 precipitation tanks incl. pumping stations, 2 filter presses

1 rotary kiln, 1 bag feeding and dosing station

8 pelletisers, 1 waste water treatment plant

120 valves, 60 pumps, 90 measuring instruments, 1 central control room, 2 decentralised control rooms

Scope of our services

PCT planning

  • Design of electrical system and safety technology
  • Specification of actuators and sensors
  • Procurement management
  • Production inspection
  • Layout drawings and circuit diagrams with ELCAD CAE system
  • Layout plans for actuators and sensors, cabinets and consoles as well as emergency stop and bus overviews
  • As-built documentation

Automation and process control technology

  • Step7 and WinCC design and system configuration
  • ASI bus, Profibus, Ethernet
  • Implementation detail specifications
  • Project planning and commissioning of the control and visualisation level for automatic and manual operation
  • Application simulation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • 24h on-call service

Switchgear construction

  • 12 control and power cabinets, 1 compensation,
  • 1 UPS system, 8 sub-distribution boxes

EI&C installation

  • Installation and assembly of control, power and field distributor cabinets and control panels
  • Extension of cable runs
  • Cable laying and connection
  • Plant earthing and equipotential bonding
  • Cold testing of cabling
  • Test and measurement protocols
  • 24h on-call service


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Modernising catalyst production: Our Engineering Technological division projected the PCT planning, the automation and control technology, the switchgear construction and the EI&C installation.