Engineering technology for a logistics centre and high-bay warehouse

Project description

Chemical technology leader Wacker Chemie AG entrusted a Munich-based logistics specialist with the construction of a new logistics distribution centre with a six-aisle high-bay warehouse and its integration with the existing plant.
With a height of 33 m and a length of 84 m, the new high-bay warehouse provides space to store an additional 11,000 pallets. The existing eight-aisle pallet high-bay warehouse was equipped with a completely new control system which is functionally integrated into the new warehouse, improving throughput.
Notable features of the new high-bay warehouse are the extremely short six-month construction period, and a new fire-protection measure referred to as “inertisation”, which uses an oxygen-lean atmosphere which does not fight the fire but instead prevents it from developing.

Scope of our services

PCT planning

  • Design of safety technology and electrical systems
  • Specification of actuators and sensors
  • Procurement management
  • Production inspection
  • Layout drawings and circuit diagrams with EPLAN CAE system
  • Conveyor layout, layout plans for actuators and sensors, cabinets and consoles as well as emergency stop and bus overviews
  • As-built documentation

Automation and process control technology

  • Step7 and WinCC design and system configuration
  • ASI bus, Profibus, ethernet for integration of optical data transmission devices, absolute positioning systems, bar code readers and weighing systems, conveyor, rotary and lift tables
  • Implementation detail specifications
  • Project planning and commissioning of the control and visualisation level for automatic and manual operation
  • PLC-based pallet tracking system
  • Application simulation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • 24h on-call service

Switchgear construction

  • 6 field LV distribution panels; 6 control and power cabinets
  • 30 sub-distribution boxes; 11 mobile control panels

EI&C installation

  • Installation and assembly of control, power and field distributor cabinets and control panels
  • Extension of cable runs; cable laying and connectio engineering
  • Plant earthing
  • Cold testing of connections
  • Test and measurement protocols


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Logistics centre and high-bay warehouse: Kreutzpointner Engineering Technology division provided PCT planning, automation and process control technology, switchgear construction and EI&C installation.