Expert partner in drive technology: Kreutzpointner is a certified ABB Value Provider

Project description

The ABB Value Provider Program is a network of ABB-certified partners such as Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH, and includes distributors, technical specialists, systems integrators and service providers. The international market leader offers its ABB Authorized Value Providers high-level support for products, support, service, tools and processes. A demanding certification program guarantees first-class and consistent service quality worldwide.

Our portfolio as an ABB Value Provider:

  • Consulting and engineering
  • Switchgear manufacturing
  • Assembly and installation
  • Commissioning
  • Support and service

Customer benefits

Advantages through the application of ABB smart drive technology

  • Fast and precise speed and torque regulation of standard asynchronous motors
  • Significant energy savings of up to 60% as applications work at their optimum operating point
  • Smooth and precise process control
  • Lower maintenance costs due to reduced load and wear of the equipment (prevention of pressure surges, etc.)
  • Improved reliability
  • Machine safety through integrated safety functions
  • Extensive product portfolio for standard and industrial applications, mechanical engineering and the HVAC sector
  • Efficient, space-saving plant modernisation

Benefits of collaboration between ABB Authorized Value Provider and ABB

  • Collaborative solution of customer requirements by taking advantage of synergies – combining the expertise of two strong brands for the customer’s benefit
  • Extended range of customised drive solution options through ABB Authorized Value Providers
  • Further optimisation of process performance
  • Customised, non-standard industrial drive technology solutions can be supplied to the customer
  • Reliable integration of ABB drive technology into a ready-to-use application
  • Extensive consultancy services (technical aspects, execution, design and implementation planning, switchgear manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning)

Background information about out ABB Value Provider Partnership:

Over the past four decades, ABB has set many milestones in drive technology. In addition to drive technology, the company’s core business includes the development, manufacture, sales and service of smart instrumentation, switchgear, programmable logic controllers and electric motors and electric motors. With innovative solutions in the fields of power control & quality, e-mobility and renewable energies (wind/solar), ABB Automation Products also offers key technologies for today and tomorrow.


Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH
Burgkirchener Str. 3
D-84489 Burghausen
Tel.: +49 8677 8703-270

The Kreutzpointner portfolio as an ABB value provider: consulting and engineering, switchgear production, assembly and installation, commissioning as well as support and service.
Seit 2010 ist Elektro Kreutzpointner Drives Alliance Partner von ABB
Experts for the partnership as an ABB value provider: project engineers and planners of Kreutzpointner-Ingenieurtechnik.