Engineering technology for a rock wool insulation production facility

Project description

Knauf Insulation, a leading international manufacturer of insulation materials, offers a one-stop-shop for complete solutions from the basement to the roof for new builds and modernisation. We provided the EI&C planning and installation, as well as the automation and control technology and switchgear construction for a new production facility.
The new production line extends over a length of approximately 200 m. The electrical supply is provided by two new transformer stations, a low-voltage main distribution board and four electrical distribution compartments. With a construction time of just 10 months, this was a very ambitious investment project.

The production line is divided into the following subsystems:
stone silo, binder storage, binder preparation and dosing, furnace system, de-fibering system, blow-off units and binding agent injection, primary scale and shuttle and belt conveyor systems including a secondary scale, pre-press and longitudinal pressing station, annealing oven, cooling zone, longitudinal saw and edge chippers, crosscut saw, gauge saw, dual thickness grinder, ejector for manual stacking, collection shaft extraction and filter chamber, hardening furnace extraction and filter unit, cooling zone extraction filter unit, water treatment and cooling systems.

Scope of our services

PCT planning

  • Safety engineering and electrical engineering planning
  • Specification of field devices and procurement management
  • Layout drawings and circuit diagrams with CAE system
  • Production inspection
  • Layout plans for actuators and sensors, cabinets and consoles and emergency stop
  • Bus overviews
  • As-built documentation

Automation and process control technology

  • Design and system configuration for Step7 and WinCC profibus and Ethernet, absolute positioning systems, weighing, conveyor, rotary and lift tables
  • Implementation detail specifications
  • Project planning and commissioning of the control and visualisation level for automatic and manual operation
  • Programming of safety functions
  • FAT with application simulation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training

Switchgear construction

  • 8 field low voltage main distributors, 7 PLC control cabinets
  • 30 feed and power cabinets distributed over four electrical rooms as well as
  • 18 sub-distribution boxes and 15 manual control panels in system

EI&C installation

  • Installation and assembly of control, power and field distributor cabinets and control panels
  • Extension of cable runs, cable laying and connection
  • Installation of field devices
  • Plant earthing
  • Cold testing of connections
  • Test and measurement protocols



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