Conveyor technology for automated machining centres

Project description

A well-known automotive supplier from Austria expanded its production to include a fully automated machining area. Our engineering technology team provided the EI&C planning and other electrical service components.

Roller conveyors, paternoster lifts and automatic handling machines transport the workpieces between the machining centres, such as washing, drying, rough and fine machining. Automatic handling machines rotate and move the workpieces to the optimal positions for machining and quality assurance, and then back into the transport position.

By means of data tracking and identification, the workpieces can be continuously followed and assigned to the appropriate work areas and systems according to product type and batch. The system is monitored and controlled by a central S7-400 PLC. The IPC panels at information points in the production hall supplement the central visualisation in the control room. The eighteen machining stations are each equipped with an independent S7-300 PLC and communicate with the central PLC via Profibus.

System visualisation and coupling to the production control system is achieved via Industrial Ethernet.

Project data:

500 conveyor technology station with individual position drive (frequency converter)

2 paternoster lifts, 2 washer/dryer systems

2 wheel rim positioners (90° rotation), 1 robotic brush cell

20 brushing machines, 2 sandblasting machines

1 pre-deburring and 1 manual deburring station

1 rejection and finishing area

2 camera identification stations

Scope of our services

PCT planning

  • Design of safety technology and electrical systems
  • Specification of actuators and sensors
  • Procurement management
  • Production inspection
  • Layout drawings and circuit diagrams with EPLAN CAE system
  • Conveyor layout, layout plans for actuators and sensors, cabinets and consoles as well as emergency stop and bus overviews
  • As-built documentation

Automation and process control technology

  • Step7 and WinCC design and system configuration
  • Profibus, ethernet for integration of optical data transmission devices, absolute positioning systems, bar code readers and weighing systems, conveyor, rotary and lift tables
  • Implementation detail specifications
  • Project planning and commissioning of the control and visualisation level for automatic and manual operation
  • Application simulation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • 24h on-call service

Switchgear construction

  • 7 field LV distribution panels, 6 control and power cabinets
  • 16 sub-distribution boxes, 2 mobile control panels
  • 160m busbar distribution system

EI&C installation

  • Installation and assembly of control, power and field distributor cabinets and control panels
  • Extension of cable runs, cable laying and connection engineering
  • Plant earthing
  • Cold testing
  • Test and measurement protocols


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Conveyor technology for automated machining centres: EI&C planning by Kreutzpointner