EI&C planning, automation technology and switchgear construction for carbon monoxide/hydrogen production plants

Project description

Technical gases, with their specific properties, are used in many parts of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in production, quality assurance, research, distribution and disposal. This requires large quantities of technical gases.
SembCorp Utilities (SCU) opted for German know-how for its site in the Jurong Islands (Singapore), and ordered a complete turnkey CO generation plant from a leading German company.
The customer-oriented supply concept integrates the plant directly into the local industrial network and thus connects directly with the supply equipment and user facilities. The highest standards of safety and reliability are also observed. Hydrocarbon-containing natural gas is used as the feedstock. An endothermic reforming process initially produces a mixture of H2 and CO called “syngas”. Carbon dioxide is chemically absorbed from the syngas/flue gas mixture by an alkaline solution (MEA) in absorber stages, and separated from the liquid fraction by a stripper, thus being recycled back into the process. Using two downstream semi-permeable membrane stages, the synthesis gas is now converted into CO of the highest purity.

Scope of our services

PCT planning

  • Design of safety equipment including specification of certified switchgear
  • Specification of installation components for the switchgear such as power supply and power and motor outputs, including frequency converter, isolation amplifier and field device connection.
  • Planning and specification of lightning protection measures for electronic components
  • Safety calculations and supporting documents
  • Ex(i) documentation
  • Procurement management
  • Layout drawings and circuit diagrams with CAE system
  • As-built documentation


  • Preparation of specifications, design and system configuration for PCS7 control system, safety PLC (SPLC) and Profibus (DP & PA) connection of field devices.
  • Project planning of the control technology (AS and OS) and SPLC for safety functions.
  • Project planning of SFCs for start-up and shut-down chains, archiving and export of alarm and measured value files.
  • Coupling to four external systems via Modbus
  • Program simulation
  • FAT at system manufacturer premises
  • Commissioning and SAT at operator (end customer) premises
  • Remote service facility
  • Operator training

Switchgear construction

  • Feeding cabinet
  • Power supply cabinet, UPS system and distribution cabinet
  • EI&C, AS and open interface/IT cabinets
  • Power output cabinets
  • Decentralised remote I/O boxes (Atex)

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Carbon monoxide and hydrogen production: Our scope of services included EI&C planning, automation technology and switchgear construction.