Altötting health centre and specialist medical centre: complete high and low voltage electrical infrastructure

Project description

Kreutzpointner’s Building Services division designed all the high and low voltage electrical infrastructure for the newly constructed €25 million health centre and specialist medical centre (“DiFaz”) at the Altötting (Bavaria) district clinic. The municipal client benefited from Kreutzpointner's many years of expertise in sensitive medical facilities: around 30 hospitals have been equipped with Kreutzpointner building services technology over the last five years.


The major building services engineering project for DiFaz was successfully completed in spring 2014 after a construction period of around one and a half years. With the new medical centre, outpatient and inpatient care at the Altötting district clinic are now more closely linked, which means that specialist outpatient medical care can also now be provided.


Facilities at DiFaz which were equipped with Kreutzpointner building services technology include:

  • Cardiac catheter laboratory
  • Oncological therapy outpatient clinic
  • Central pharmacy
  • Administration
  • KfH dialysis and kidney transplant centre
  • kbo Inn-Salzach psychiatric clinic
  • Cardiology practice
  • RADIO-LOG general practice clinic
  • Altötting district health authority
  • Pathology
  • dia.log diagnostic radiology clinic
  • Orthopaedic practice
  • Vascular surgery practice

Scope of our services

Power distribution

  • MV system
  • Transformer system
  • Emergency power supply
  • UPS and BPS systems

General electrical engineering

  • Expansion of cable support systems
  • Installation devices
  • Lighting
  • Safety lighting
  • KNX
  • Fire stopping
  • Lightning protection

Safety engineering

  • Fire alarm system

Communications technology

  • Telephony equipment
  • Clock system
  • Antenna installation
  • Public address system
  • Nurse call system
  • Intercom system
  • Access control system

Network engineering

  • Data network

Switchgear construction

  • Construction and delivery of LVDS and sub-distribution boards
25-Millionen-Euro-Investition DiFaz in Altötting: Komplette Elektroinfrastruktur für Stark- und Schwachstrom von Elektro Kreutzpointner.
Der Auftraggeber profitierte von der langjährigen Kreutzpointner-Kompetenz im Bereich der elektrotechnischen Ausstattung sensibler medizinischer Einrichtungen.

Building Services division