“SolarFactory III" in Freiberg: Complete construction of the electrical installations

Project description

In May 2011, SolarWorld AG opened Germany's largest solar module production facility. With the ultra-modern “SolarFactory III” production facility, the annual module production capacity in Freiberg/Saxony has increased from 170 MW to 600 MW. Working in close cooperation with the SolarWorld subsidiary Solar Factory GmbH, AEK GmbH planned the complete construction of the electrical installations.

SolarFactory III represents a leap forward into a new era of solar module production for SolarWorld AG. The new plant produces 6,000 “Made in Germany” solar modules per day. This will enable the company to increase its group-wide nominal year-end capacities to 1,400 MW. That corresponds to a useful module capacity which will allow another 1.4 million people per year to cover their demand for solar power for more than one generation.

Scope of our services

  • Complete electrical installation
  • Communications technology

In the area of electrical installation, AEK GmbH, with 55 employees working in double-shifts, proved its ability to handle such large and complex projects despite tightly calculated completion deadlines, long material delivery times and very large building sizes (up to 280 x 90 m).

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„SolarFactory III“ in Freiberg