Complete range of electrical and EI&C services for Nünchritz chemical plant

Project description

Our industrial customers entrust us with the complete range of electrical and EI&C services or the operation of an entire production facility, often under long term EI&C framework agreements, as is the case with AEK GmbH, which has been on-site at Wacker's Nünchritz plant since 2000. Wacker uses this highly integrated combined system, employing around 1,400 employees, for the production of silanes, silicones, fumed silica and polycrystalline silicon for solar plants.

Our tailor-made industrial engineering solutions

Here, Elektro Kreutzpointner and AEK GmbH Freiberg’s Industrial Engineering division offers specific, tailor-made solutions: working with our customers, we develop the optimal approach for the planning and implementation of special EI&C industrial maintenance schemes under long-term framework agreements.

AEK GmbH’s main areas of responsibility at the Nünchritz plant:

service, maintenance, inspection, calibration, upgrades, testing, project management, special projects.

At the AEK site in Nünchritz, a continuously active team of 25 specialists with industrial experience handles the complete range of EI&C services, from small tasks to major projects led by Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH in which AEK GmbH acts as junior partner. At the AEK site in the Nünchritz plant, the company also runs apprenticeships for the next generation of specialists with industrial experience.

Scope of our services

  • Complete range of electrical and EI&C services for Wacker Chemie AG's Nünchritz plant (approx. 1,400 employees)
  • Planning and installation of EI&C solutions
  • EI&C maintenance services for defined areas or plant groups
  • Responsibility for EI&C maintenance: Plannable and non-plannable aspects
  • Operation of a service branch and support point at the Nünchritz site

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Chemie-Werk Nünchritz