People and Technology

Our target for 2023:
1,500 employees

With nearly 1,100 employees, national and international projects, and a company history spanning 95 years, the Kreutzpointner Group is one of the leading medium-sized electrical engineering firms in Germany. We want to grow our team to 1,500 employees (including employees from temporary staffing firms and subcontractors) by 2023.

People and technology are at the heart of everything we do.

But, since technology can only be as good as the people who develop it, we are always looking for the best! And then we develop them to their full potential. We support their personal development through internal training courses, generous additional benefits for master craftsman and craftswomen, and technician training schemes, as well as programmes for individual development.

But professional expertise is not everything. Working for the Kreutzpointner Group means much more than just having a secure job. We do everything we can to make sure that our team members also feel completely comfortable in a personal sense. That is why our employees tend to stay with us for an unusually long time.

You can expect a lot from us.

As an employee at Kreutzpointner, not only do exciting assignments await you, but also:

  • flexible working schedules
  • a “time account” to save up overtime worked
  • Holiday pay and Christmas bonuses
  • Provisions for occupational pensions
  • Capital-forming investment benefits
  • a “joy and sorrow fund”
  • modern, healthy workplaces
  • top-quality personal protective equipment (including industrial cleaning)
  • reasonably-priced lunches in our cafeteria in Burghausen

... and an excellent working atmosphere that cannot be described, but must be experienced.

Our career ladder for students or university graduates – including in partnership with the Rosenheim University of Applied Science Burghausen Campus!

For graduates – the direct route to work at Kreutzpointner

Do you want to finally apply everything you learned in your apprenticeship, technical or master craftsman training or degree, and what you learned from practice?

Then join Kreutzpointner today!


Find out more in our flyer available to download here (german language only)